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Versiune in limba romana

TALK power of you voice

TALK is a different kind of social network. TALK is a voice-based social network. Posts and comments are based solely on voice messages. Using your mobile phone or a computer you can post or reply to comments by recording voice messages directly on the platform.

In everyday life we ​​communicate a lot through voice. We use voice to transmit more much information in a very short time! Using our voice we become unique and we transmit our emotion!

Until TALK, in the online environment, we communicate mainly through text messages. On networks where you could post voice messages, they were accompanied by video. Video platforms don't just let you post a voice message. But it's hard to make a video and it takes a long time! TALK comes to fill this gap in the area of ​​social networks and internet communication.

TALK is a social network for those who want to share information. TALK is for those who don't want to be bothered with every post and comment. TALK notifies you only once a week about the news on the network. We want you to feel comfortable when you enter TALk and not feel assaulted and annoyed by information. TALK wants to respect your time!

I'm Robert Stanciulescu and I created TALK for people like me and you, people who don't want to be harassed online. People who want to share information and knowledge with other civilized people. TALK is not for everyone, TALK is for those who know that contradictory discussion means debating ideas and not attacking people. TALK is for those who know and understand that a contradictory but civilized and argument-based discussion is beneficial and leads to progress. That is why I, in TALK, adopt a position of zero tolerance for those who adopt a dialogue of the deaf, are not decent, civilized and do not respect their interlocutor.

That's why I created TALK and that's why TALK is a different kind of network. If you join TALK you will join a special community that respects the highest values. My principle is 'few, valuable and from which we learn'. If you don't find yourself in TALK, you will definitely find another social network that suits you.

TALK is for special people! TALK is no noise information!

Robert, First TALKer