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Data privacy

1. Data stored on the TALK platform

The following data types are stored on the TALK platform:
- Date text
- Audio data
- Photos
- IP
Text data is data provided by users in the authentication process and / or in the process of using the platform. The same thing happens with audio and photo data.

2. How to store data and how to secure it

Data is stored in the database. We store text data in the database. Photo data and audio files are stored in folders on the server. In the database we store information about the user: name and surname, email address, password and username, and during the competitions organized in the platform, in order to prevent fraud we also store the IP. The IPs are deleted after the end of the contests and the awarding of prizes. We also store the user's link to the photo and audio files stored in the folders on the server.
The data in the database is encrypted. The following data is encrypted: username and password, password and email address. We use AES 256 encryption with private keys. This is the main encryption, but for certain types of data it is possible to use other encryptions, encryptions that do not allow data decryption. Also, the files that encrypt and decrypt the data are encrypted, preventing third parties from accessing the encryption keys.
TALK, in the authentication process, sets a coockie with a validity of 1 year if the user wants it. The user is warned when the setting of that authentication cookie is desired, and the lack of user acceptance prevents that cookie from being set and used.
We do not use cookies other than authentication.
TALK also stores the audio file and its local name in the recording process until it is transferred to the server. This storage is part of the audio message recording or data transfer technology used by the platform. After transferring to the server the file is deleted from the local memory. The name of the local file is also stored, it will be deleted when you reload the page that saved it locally.
Audio files are stored in .webm format, an open format. This means that anyone who has the link to the audio file can access and listen to it (or download it) on / from the server. To do this the user must have the file link. When creating the audio file, we use random data to name the file so that the file name cannot be identified outside the network (the probability of identifying the file name is less than 1%). However, a user who listens (understandably has access to) a file on the platform can access the file outside the platform by having the link to that file on the platform. It can also give that link to other people who are not registered in the network. We can't block this.
The same thing happens with the photos uploaded by users on the platform. They can only be accessed from the outside if the user has the link. The link can only be obtained from within the platform, when using the file name we use random data that have an extremely low probability of being reproduced (below 1% we evaluate that probability).
In the process of using the platform you are required to access the microphone in order to record audio messages. TALK does not access the microphones of the equipment without the user's consent. This can be verified by leaving the platform and when you re-enter the platform you will be asked to access the microphone again in order to use the platform.

3. What do we do with the data stored in the platform

The data is used to ensure the functionality of the TALK platform or to prevent fraud in the competitions organized in the platform. However, it is possible that in certain situations we may use the data in other applications of ours or our partners, the user, upon request, will be informed about this.

4. Deleting personal data

At any time the user can request the deletion of the account and personal data. Due to the complexity of the network, this process is not yet automatic and is done manually by one of the administrators. The request for deletion of personal data and account must be sent to the email address: team [at] talk-social.eu The processing of the data and the deletion of the account and the afferent data are done within maximum 48 hours from the receipt of the request.

Robert, Primul TALKer