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Terms and conditions of use of the TALK platform

1. Definitions and purpose

TALK is this social platform that allows users to access through the browser using a username and password to log in. TALK means the software solution that allows you to post voice messages and interact with other users, electronic equipment that allows the operation of the platform and the data stored in the databases of the platform.

Authentication data in the platform are the username and password chosen by the user when registering in the application. The cookie set for automatic authentication also represents authentication data.

Coockie is a small portion of alphanumeric characters that is saved on the user's computer and allows unique identification.

TALK is a social media platform based on voice messages. Network operation is conditional on your consent to post voice messages on the platform.

The purpose of the TALK platform is to connect people in order to share ideas, dialogue and make friends.

2. Terms and conditions of use of the TALK platform

TALK is a platform that allows you to connect with your friends and share ideas, feelings and knowledge with them. TALK is a private property and when you enter TALK you have to behave like when you are visiting a good friend. You will be there with other friends and the purpose of these meetings is to feel good and gladly return to this place. Antisocial behavior, insults, defamatory messages, attacks on the person, incitement to hatred and violence of any kind are not accepted on TALK. Any messages that may affect the dignity or feelings of others will be blocked or deleted by the network administrator.

When posting a message on the TALK network, you have full responsibility for the content of that message and the effects that that message may have. Any message that violates the laws of the state hosting the network or the laws of the state of which you are a citizen will be deleted from the platform and your access will be blocked if the behavior is considered inappropriate for other members of the platform or for the platform. Behavior considered inappropriate is not limited to the legal definition, but any action that the network administrator considers to be inappropriate may be considered inappropriate behavior. This rule extends to any other kind of behavior or attitude, and in the end the decision that a behavior or attitude harms the network, users or platform is a unilateral one and is taken only by the administrator / administrators of the TALK platform. A user who has been sanctioned in this way may request a review of the decision, this request does not mean that he will be able to access the platform.

The rules of common sense and good coexistence in society also apply in the platform.

The use of the TLAK platform is in accordance with the purpose for which it was created. The use of the TALk platform is only allowed using the user interface. Any other action will be considered harmful to the network and the user's account will be suspended.

When a user's account is suspended, they will no longer have access to data stored on the platform through the platform's interface, nor will they be able to interact with other users through the platform.

Attempts to attack the network in order to access data that is not intended to be accessed through the platform interface, in order to disrupt the operation of the platform or in order to access the data of other users will have legal consequences and block the use of the platform.

Any alteration of the data of other users of the platform (or viewing that data without the user's permission, permission given through the TALK platform) of the data used and transmitted by the platform from one page to another constitutes a violation of the terms of use of the platform. leads to suspension of user account.

The functionality of the platform may be changed at any time by the administrators of the platform, and these changes will not be announced to users unless the administrators deem it necessary. Changing features does not oblige the administrator (s) to notify registered users.

The malfunction of the TALK platform on certain or all modules does not make us liable for any damages caused to users. Users agree that they may not claim any damages from the owners and administrators of the TALK platform.

The user has the right to access the platform as long as he respects the rules and conditions stipulated in this document. The user can do this through the authentication data It is not allowed to authenticate a user in the platform using the authentication data of another user. It is the user's responsibility to keep their credentials secure so that no one else has access to that data.

The TALK platform assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage of data contained in the platform. In case of some events it is very possible that some data and information will be lost without being able to be recovered. Users agree that they will not make any claims to TALK platform administrators.

Referral of TALk platform administrator / administrator to the owner, administrator / administrators of the platform, if any, and other agents directly involved in the operation and development of the platform.

The TALK platform is a platform that respects the rules of a civilized and open community and we ask the same of our users.

Robert, First TALKer